Get rid of the worries associated with transportation. We will provide a car that meets the conditions of delivery. Let's issue insurance and guarantee documents. Let's get rid of solving difficult issues.


Your business requires working capital, so we will not rush to pay. Deferred payment in conjunction with an adequate cost of transportation - this is what is really beneficial!


Do not worry about the delivery time, we know how important this is for you. In case of unforeseen circumstances, we will promptly replace the car, we will offer alternative routes.


We are available for you 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. At any time we will provide information on what stage the delivery is. We will provide full maintenance before unloading!


🚚 Delivery of goods from Europe by road:
 • tents 20 t, 86 - 90 m3;
 • refrigerators 20 t, 86 - 90 m3;
 • isothermal vans 20 t, 86 - 90 m3;
 • tents 5 t, 40 m3;
Possible shipping in the national team.

We carry out the delivery of customs cleared goods to the recipients' warehouses in any region of the Russian Federation by Gazelles from customs warehouses in Moscow and St. Petersburg

👼 Cargo insurance at the declared value from the moment of loading and until full unloading. The insurance policy covers damages in the event of damage or loss of cargo as a result of an accident, robbery or natural disaster.
The cost is calculated based on the route and price of the goods being transported.

📁 Paperwork for transit from the European Union to the Customs Union:
 • guarantee provision for imported goods;
 • electronic preliminary notification of customs authorities;
 • electronic pre-declaration;
Paperwork for transit from the Customs Union to the Kaliningrad region:
 • transit insurance in the territory of the Republic of Lithuania;
 • registration of a transit declaration.

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We do not kill whales, we carry goods!

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Низкорамные полуприцепы от SCHEUERLE

Представление публике новых низкорамных тралов для европейского рынка пройдет на международной выставке коммерческого транспорта Solutrans в Лионе с 19 по 23 ноября.


Для ЦКАДа денег не нашлось

Министерство финансов отказалось выделить министерству транспорта более 40 млрд. рублей для завершения и введения в эксплуатацию некоторых участков Центральной кольцевой автодороги в столице.


Комиссары выходят на дороги

На российских федеральных трассах могут появиться аварийные комиссары.




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